Monday, March 12, 2012

Conny Curtis March 9, 2012

We finally drove through some of the areas hit by tornadoes last April in Tuscaloosa.  The tornado snaked around through a section of businesses and apartments on a busy street then wound over into a nice neighborhood where there were large custom homes built around a lake.  Most of the areas were cleaned up as best they could, but there were large foundations where businesses and houses had been.  It was sad to think of all the destruction and loss of life in just this area. The tornado stayed on the ground for about five miles.

These pictures are of an apartment building that was just  abandoned.   Notice that right in the middle of all the destruction is a dublex that is untouched. It even has a green lawn.  It's unbelievable that this could happen.  It will be a year ago on April 27th that this took place.

Conny Curtis 

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