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Conny Curtis June 16, 2012

June 16, 2012

After last week’s letter telling of the business revolving around transfers, this letter will sound like a

week of partying. It began last Saturday with a wedding for a friend in the Columbiana ward. I had sent

pictures of her surprise proposal on Christmas Eve when we had dinner at her parent’s home. The

Averetts are about as southern as you can get, full of southern hospitality and just a lot of fun. They

have three very talented daughters who also live in the ward with their families. Teresa, the bride,

served a mission at Temple Sq, later married in the temple and still later ended the marriage when her

husband became heavily involved in drugs. Now in her mid thirties, she and Wes, who isn’t a member, are

beginning their life together. He works as a civilian for the military in Afghanistan and is only home a

few weeks here and there. He attends church while here and we have visited with him about the gospel.

We wish them well. The wedding was held in a beautiful wooded park and was followed by a Cajun Shrimp

Boil with all the fixings. It was a small gathering for family and close friends so we were surprised to be

invited, but certainly enjoyed the evening. The family has always been very gracious to us.

Our next adventure began Monday morning. Actually, it began a couple of months ago when a new car

arrived for Pres. Holzapfel. A few weeks later we learned that there had been a double order out of

Salt Lake and another Avalon, just like the one we had received, was waiting for us to pick up. Greg,

our supervisor from Salt Lake, was a little red in the face, but in the end it worked out well for us. The

decision was made to give it to the Atlanta North Mission Pres. and guess who got to deliver it? We

didn’t mind that assignment at all! It helped Greg out, and gave us permission to leave our mission which

gave us the chance to see some of our friends in Atlanta. A win, win wouldn’t you say? We spent the

night and visited the Employment Center, which was the highlight seeing Sister Findlay and Bro Blount as

well as others. We met the new missionaries serving in our positions. One Sis is good friends with Pres

and Sis Holzapfel so that was fun. We also had quick visits to a couple of our favorite spots near where

we had lived and then finished up our stay by attending the newly remodeled Atlanta Temple with Karen

Finlay before heading back to our mission. The temple was beautiful. Pres Black of the Temple also took

us for a tour of the newly built missionary apts. What a change from when we were there. Many good

memories came to surface as we saw friends and places we had learned to love. It’s nice to remember

and to be remembered. We drove the Atlanta Pres’ car back. It is a hybrid and interesting to try out. It

got great mileage and was soooo quiet. It will be Paul’s job now to sell it.

We had plenty of work waiting for us when we returned, but there was still one more activity before

the week was over. On Friday all the senior couples got together at the Mission Home for a going away

luncheon for Elder and Sister Johnson. They were the first “six month” missionaries to serve here

in Alabama. The time went by fast. They were assigned to Mississippi so we only saw them for Zone

meetings or couples activities. They are very enjoyable to be with and always generous. They bought

and repaired a bike to donate to the mission and even provided their own going away dinner. They

drove from MS early and spent the morning cooking up a Cajun Boil (twice in one week for us) which was

delicious. The rest of us brought side dishes and then sat around talking about how we are all gaining

weight. But it was oh so good. They will be missed. We are told it won’t be long before another six

month couple will arrive. We also learned this morning that Elder and Sister Beckstead, who have been

here several months while waiting for their visa to New Zealand, have received their papers and will be

leaving soon. Life moves on. We are moving up the list of those who will leave next and we are already

receiving bicycles for the group of young missionaries coming in July. Days and weeks roll on.

Love and blessings, Elder and Sister Curtis


P.S. We returned from Atlanta about 11:30 p.m. only to realize we had lost our car keys somewhere along

the way. This meant we had no way to get into our apartment. Yikes! Sweet Sister Dunbar from the

office bailed us out AGAIN by letting us come over at that late hour and spend the night in her spare

room. We had to show up to work in our travel clothes, but we had a hot shower, a nice bed and she

fed us breakfast. No wonder all the missionaries, young and old, love her. She will have served THREE

years by the time she goes back to her home in St Louis. Special lady. No one in Atlanta had seen our

keys, but we got a call a few days later and they had been kicked under a desk at the Mission Office

there…..whew! We had checked the replacement cost at nearly $200. What a relief.

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