Saturday, August 18, 2012

Karen Mosley August 2012


We have just finished our two grueling weeks of training for the China Teachers Program at BYU.  We learned so much, but still feel intimidated about the idea of going to China as English Professors to teach graduate and PhD students at the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu.  We know the Lord will magnify our efforts and we are ready to get started!  We leave in 10 days!

We had a busy summer.  My mother passed away in May, then my husband's mother passed in June.  We are happy that their suffering is over, and feel blessed that we were able to serve them in their final years.  It's hard to say goodbye, but we feel them with us still.  We then had two new grandbabies born!  I wish I could bring you all treats to help celebrate!  Liam Kirk Mosley was 8lbs. 9 oz., and Cecily Weed was 5 lbs. 12 oz.  Cecily was so small that the doctors worried about her and warned us she may have issues, but she is 100% healthy and whole and we feel extremely blessed and grateful for all the prayers in her behalf.  We were able to gather all of our children and grandchildren in Washington for a reunion in July.  It was a great chance to say goodbye and get filled up with memories before we leave.

China is an amazing place.  We have learned so much and look forward to our chance to meet some of the Lord's 'lost sheep'.  We have been cautioned to warn our friends not to speak of our service as being missionaries.  We are NOT preaching the gospel, and we are NOT set-apart missionaries.  There are no missionaries in mainland China, and if the government hears through rumors that the Church is sending missionaries there, we could encounter problems.  So please don't tell anyone that the Mosleys are "on a mission" to China.  We are going over to make friends and set examples and help educate those who we hope will seek truth and find it when that door is open to them.

We certainly miss our special time serving as ordinance workers.  May you all be blessed in your service and know our hearts are with you.

Much love,

Karen & Kirk Mosley

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