Saturday, February 4, 2012

Partridge Letter January 27, 2012

Dear Sisters,
I wanted to let you know that Bob and I have been called on a mission to the Samoa Apia Mission as office specialists for 18 months, which will bet us back home a month before our missionary son returns.  We need to be at the M.T.C. on February 13th.  Bob will finish his job in Sierra Vista on the 3rd and we will be in Mesa until we leave.  I received a certificate of release from the temple, but Bob will work his last day on Thursday before we leave.
We have children coming to bid us farewell and are trying to finish up our preparations for our mission.  We both loved working in the temple and hope to be able to return to work again when our mission is complete.  You may tell the people on our Wednesday shift what our plans are.  It was such a wonderful experience working in the Mesa Temple.  Thank you for your guidance and friendship.

Kathy Partridge

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