Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sister Nivla Hatch February 7, 2012

    We hear from President Hatch that many more couples are leaving on
missions to serve. It is an experience that is like no other.
    Here in Cruz del Ej, Argentina there is not a fully functioning
Branch; there are very few leaders, and those that are there do not know
what they are supposed to do.  The Branch President lives 35
minutes away and so during the week it is impossible for him to be here to
help the few members that come.
   There are 500 names on the roster of this branch and only 35 come.  A
few Branch Presidents that served back to back misused funds and
authority and so many feelings have been hurt many words of anger were
spoken and so we feel we are here partly to help people learn to
forgive and forget.
   It has been hard to not know the language and to not fully be able to
say what I would like to say, but we smile and love them and try to do
what we feel would be right.
   It is a small community of about 50,000 people that are so very humble
in their living conditions that is makes you want to cry.  But we are then
told that we are serving with the middle class of people.  Pretty
    We miss the Temple!  We haven't attended a Temple for almost 3 months
and we miss it.  So help everyone there cherish just what a treasure we
have with our Temple.
    Please share this with the Sisters and tell them we are learning and
serving and hoping to be blessing lives.
    Take care and tell everyone there we miss them.

   Love Elder and Hermana Hatch

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